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that all family members and nonessential u.s. government personnel leave sudan and tunisia. get right to greg who is there. >> good evening, greg. >> hey, judge, the state department warning a u.s. citizens not to travel here to tunisia. if you are here use extreme caution . we spoke to one official and that person was cautious all of this in response of the violence that was seen here in the u.s. embassy yesterday and thousands of protestors outside of the embassy and some scaled over the wall and looted and smashing windows. no embassy staffers were hurt. four protestors killed and 50 injured and that prompted a show of force from the tunisian embassy. we were outside and we saw armored carriiers and all precautionary the interior minister apologizing for not protecting the facility. tunisia is a moderate islamic. there are scary characters. next door in libya. a complex terror manhunt is just ging. for - beginning. for the ones who killed the ambassador. ther set to be in libya and traveling to benghazi and marines are already there. and two destroyers will be off of the coast of l
than a mob? u.s. officials now suspect the attack in libia that killed our ambassador and three other diplomats wasn't the result of a protest against an anti-easy law film, but a raid to mark the anniversary of 9/11, surprise. former chair of the house intelligence committee tells fox, quote, this was just more than a mere coincidence. meanwhile, mitt romney is standing by as criticism. obama administration for the early response of the attack on the u.s. embassy in cairo. oh, back to me. the u.s. embassy there at first issued a statement addressing the anti-mohamed video that sparked the protest saying it condemns, quote, the continuing efforts by the individuals who hurt the feelings of muslims as we condemn efforts to offend all believe -- believers of all religions. romney's campaign issued a statement overnight calling the response disgraceful and prompting criticism from team obama. on wednesday, mitt was asked about it. >> i don't think we ever hesitate. when we feel the president and his administration have done something inconsistant with the principals of america.
the navy just to see him. sitting next to me, ron bolton , former u.s. ambassador to the u.n and fox news contributor. >> a-block. the lead, that's the first story. >> that was so stupid. but i love it. will barak it is a landslide for the bedside. abc news, whatever that is, is asking the question nobody would think of asking and found by a large margin that voters preferred obama to nurse them back to health over his rival, mitt romney. and they believe obama would make, quote, a more loyal friend. when asked which candidate they would rather have as a captain in a storm the answer is closer. excitement is reaching a fever pitch. >> you know, you laugh, but he gets there early to get the best seats. the parade doesn't start for two weeks. ambassador, say your pet turtle, and i know you have one, just passed on. who would you rather have console you, president obama or mitt romney? >> absolutely mitt romney. he could advise me how to get another turtle and make money off of it. it ought to be the objective. all of the polls are about the so-called em empathy gap and why mitt romney doesn
with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and he is so sharpen sills use him to take their s.a.t.s. he is new york posted for y'all writer robert george, two first names. gotta like that. portugal is considered a sandwich. it is bill schulz. and he just landed the role of bender in the breakfast club off broadway musical which means he can quit his job as a strip club doorman. it is jesse joyce. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. >> does something smell in the nfl? and will a bad call lead to their down fall? i speak of the replacement refs who have been under fire all season, but never more so than monday night when a blown call gave the seattle sea birds a winning homerun. watch this, this watchers. >> the game's final play is a lob to the end zone which is fought for by tate with jennings simultaneous, who has it? who do they give it to? touchdown! >> reminded me of something that happened in my living room. replays clearly show it was an ter exception which would have ended the game with a packers victory. odds makers in vegas says $300 million changed hands. what does that mea
their own laws. >>> next topic, the college board announced s.a.t. reading scores are the lowest they have been in years. the average score for this year's seniors was 496, down 30 points from 1972. the year, not the score. some tribute to a record number of kids taking the test including 25% from low income families. greg, what do you think? >> i think -- -- >> i want to give uh theory. i think in 40 years none of our kids or our kids' kids will be able to read. we will be a culture of i will illinois -- i illiterates. maybe reading is another way to communicate. you will be able to live and die. >> the globe will be a place where we communicate by thoughts and reading will become incidental because it will be transmitting thoughts. the problem with the sat the answer for whatever kid is whatever dude. you don't have that as part of the melt pell choice. i blame pornography, hip hop and say tan. >> speak pg of s.a.t.'s -- >> you can't spell say tan without s.a.t. >> you are right. >> the thing i got most is teenagers communicate with abbreviations, lol, so mg, ttyl. >> i don't know what t
in tahrir square hold a poster of osama bin laden and graffiti on the u.s. embassy said, quote, take care, america. we have 1.5 billion bin ladens. that's a lot of bin ladens, actually. actually the riots riots are not about 9/11, america or support for terrorism as the white house press secretary jay carney informed us. >> the unrest we have seen around the region has been in reaction to a video that muslims, many muslims find offensive. what i am telling you is this is under investigation. the unrest around the region has been in response to this video. again, what we have seen is unrest around the region in response to a video. >> that's the kind of confidence america is looking for. ananthony, is there rage just about the film? as he is saying? or is it more than that? >> well, you can say that all this violence is because of a film, but then you have to say they are idiots forgetting so violent over a film. what are you implying then are these protesters and the people who are rioting. they are idiots. >> yes, that is exactly what he just said. >> what do you call it? the tierney of
fiewr yait you -- enfuriate you? >> it is an early 80s break dancing hat and he thinks we can't see he is bald. it puts me in the mind of l.l. cool j which is a good thing. >> but it is like mtv wraps and you need to be next to downtown julie brown wearing that. >> the fake british accent. >> does it make you sad that obama has cooler friends than romney does? >> no. it makes me sad they used an eight-year-old girl in this. i don't care about samuel l jackson cursing and his nonsense, that didn't bother me. it bothered me because they used a kid. i hate that they use them as props and then shove the talking points down their throat and have them spew it like a puppet. >> what else are kids good for other than being props? >> i don't want to be professor priorities over here, but maybe this kid was unloaded with a bunch of f-bombs. there is no bleep in that building. that was after the fact. >> you additioned for the role of the little girl in the film. you are not objective about this. >> i was waiting to hear back, and i just saw that right there and was crushed. i would call my agent
, labor force participation rate, the low s since 1981, 65.3%. if that's the reality you're dealing with, jason, the case is, if we only do more of the same, then things will turn the corner, and we make progress, we'll turn the corner and if that persuades them-- >> perhaps. the question, to get back to what kim said, those arguments were made at the convention, obama didn't make them in his speech, but they were made by others and the question is, is that good enough or do people need to hear it from the president. but i think particularly in the case about, you know, i was-- i inherited this mess and clinton of course, makes the point strongest, i inherited a mess and haven't had enough time to clean it up and that's the case that romney is making for firing the clin-- clinton said that's holding obama to i am impossibly high standard. >> paul: and i want to listen to elizabeth warren at the convention. >> people feel like the system is rigged against them and here is the painful part. they're right. the system is rigged. look around. oil companies guzzle down billions in profits, bil
." >> with the limp wrist. >> when did that movie come out? >> last year. >> mid80s. >> does anybody know the words to lamar's song? >> ♪ everybody come and scream and yell ♪ ♪ we are going to do something and ♪ ♪ ring your bell >> that was the super bowl shuffle. >> somebody should have known that song. >> rip. >> ♪ clap your hands ♪ clap your hands everybody >> oh please. shut up. i am begging you. >> ♪ clap your hands everybody ♪ everybody clap your hands >> he said you can't change washington from the insides. you can only change it from the outside. that's how the big accomplishments like health care got down. health care got done in congress, right? >> and it was rammed through like a torn dollar bill in a coke machine. >> you know what it was? it was shoved down our throats, greg. that's what it was. >> that reminds me, i am renting the movie tonight. >> the elizabeth warren debate. can we show the video of the dog being sham -- spam pewed again? shampooed again? >> i am sorry. do you think that is adorable? >> yes. >> that dog is the joker. that dog is pure evil. look at t
. in tehran, iranians stormed the swiss embassy that believe thats u.s. interests chanting, quote, bill schulz sucks. they chanted, actually, death to america. it is the go to default classic. jaime, i want to go to you first. you have been covering the middle east since you were 12. can we just admit, this is the way it is always going to be, and we should -- the only thing we should -- worry about is protecting our people and getting out of there? >> i don't know if it will always be this way, but this ideal we have of democracy in the middle east is a long way off. you need the institutions and a culture that sustains democracy. here is a stunning statistic. in the arab world they translate as many books and in the last thousand years spain has translated in the last year. this is a society that needs to come up, and right now we are not seeing that. >> we expect that we can pull them from that age into our age. but they have to want to go to that age. they like the age they are at. except they do like some of the -- they like our guns. but they don't like -- >> they like our celebrities. >
are supposed to think that's why they are blaming the u.s. government for the stupid video. >> that's completely wrong. it is wrong on 700 levels, but the idea that people don't understand this is just false. i don't know how anyone is trying to back this up. but they do understand it. they just don't like it. you see that in the article. people say, well, what you do in your country is you candy fame fame -- there is a great quote in the new york times that we don't do that sort of thing here. comrade, have you not watched egyptian television recently? i'm sure on one of the three channel there's is an anti-sametic show. >> it is not like they don't den gnaw grate judyism -- judaism all the time. they say we can do whatever the hell we want and we do it consistently. we don't get upset when muslims are blown up, but we do get upset when some no name christian egyptian incidentally puts up a video on youtube. >> why did obama make this movie? >> in kenya. >> tax break. >> imogen, is it a cultural difference thing or is it not and we shouldn't be thinking about that? >> there are cul
there. and what are the u.s. secretary general's thoughts on freedom of speech. just about what you would expect from the corrupt organization. and -- all i know is a hero can be anyone. even a man doing something as reassuring as putting a coat around a little boy's shoulders to let them know the world hadn't ended. >> thanks, andy. >> you becha. >> that reminds me i want my wonder woman costumes back and dry-cleaned. >> that could be a problem. there is a saw metra cal perforation in it. >> a hole? >> it is silly to argue about terminology. right now you have a show to host and i have to get ready for half time. we'll talk about it later. >> all right. >> it will be fine. >> bye. let's welcome our guests. she is so hot that it is now illegal to yell harris faulkner in a crowded theater. she is here. she hosts on saturday and sundays on fox news channel. nice waive you have there, harris. and he is so sharp he sneezes shum tacks it is "maxim" magazine's editor-in-chief. and in canada he is considered a triscuit, bill schulz. and he recently landed the role of herman in the munsters
. kitchen cabinet is a term from the 1800s when andrew jackson was and the described his inner circle. if mitt romney sneezes or coughs or uses a plainly neutral term, innocent and they turn it into racist discrim dismaigz bigotry. they are ridiculous. >> sean: michelle malkin, it's getting insane. it's like an obsession. we will have more on this and continue to follow the insanity because they are desperate. thanks. coming up, the usual liberal suspects, nancy pelosi, harry reid, mayor emanuel, set to take the stage at the dnc. we remind you of their finest, quote, civil rhetoric. and clint eastwood with an unscripted speech last night that really fired up the delegates at the rnc. what do hollywood liberals think of it? how did the audience react to it? we will analyze that speech. >> you mentioned about having a target date for bringing everybody home. you have given that target date... and i think -- mr. romney asked the only sensible question, he said, why are you giving the date out now? why >> sean: all eyes turn to charlotte, north carolina, the host city of the democratic na
. she is a political commentator, ann coulter. her best-selling book "demonic" telling about her mid70s exer civil is now available in paperback. fire ants are now called jedediah ants. it is jedediah bila. her name is in there twice. boy, we are off to a rough start. in china it is considered a spring rule, my repulsive sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a beer pong i would do him with the frat boys every wednesday. he is performing in irvine, california, a great city. >> lots of room to spread out, especially in the comedy club. >> home of steven spielberg? >> yes. >> yes, he went to uc irvine. a fact that really has no meaning. so this is our first show back after a two-week break. "red eye" was bumped for the news of the convention. but we want to give our take on what happened both in tampa and charlotte. so we will go live now to political correspondent michael michael son who was at both events for a recap. of course, witherage there was a slight tape delay, so bear with us. i will go to michael now. michael, it is greg. what did you learn in tampa and charlotte? >> hi, g
's. >> i kind of think they do. that would not surprise me. the kids have ak-47's instead of baby rattlers. >> there are enough weapons floating around benghazi in that area to support that theory. in all honesty, the fact the administration tried that line, and now it is starting to break apart. a couple of their senior officials say it might have been a terrorist attack. >> no, no. that cannot be. gm is alive and osama is dead. there is no way al-qaeda is still functioning. it can't be al-qaeda. >> i want to move on. i think we nailed this down. >>> from cartoons to campaign. what a transition. they are taking their pick to show they are part of the click. it is zombie time, and this time by writing on their hands. it started with obama and a deputy campaign manager tweet thrg is a new way to say you are voting for barack obama. post a photo to commit to vote. and the responses started coming in. from celebrities like natalie portman, she is delightful to celebrities like jarod leto who supports in the spirit of awful beard. >> seriously i have a beard now. >> and then this is my favorit
-- a leader at the same protest should be hanged and, quote, the u.s. must make a law against blasphemy, or we will not let the consulate function. and in germany, an actual country, angela says authorities are debating a screening of the film because it could endanger the public security. they said they would screen this. >> that is less controversial. pab, germany banning this screening. are we following the west kneeling before god? it is kneeling before people who hate the west. >> the reason that they are giving for considering this ban is public safety. obviously it is controversial, and there is a risk of violence and we know that. but i do think that if we start caving in to this kind of thing, we are giving in. that is not the direction we want to go in at all. >> even our flags ad sh dash. >> are you okay? >> i got a wee tickle. >> i can get you some water. >> the problem is there is no alcohol. it sings the particular el c -- the tickles. and when you can't have them the tickles come forth. >> should the war on islam gone too far? should we be apologizing? >> see here, this is the p
made in mexico in the 1980s. >> they are not allowed to cross the borders. >> in all of damon's movies he is playing the whistle-blower, but in reality he is getting blown -- by the whistle. what a lying hipocritical joke. >> it is a fun switcheroo. now here is a movie i am ticked off about. >> and you will probably not go cut anybody's head off. >> they are warmongers. they want us to go to war with the middle east over oil. >> tied that up well. >> yes. i think i can link that. who knows? >>> coming up, can you kill a man with your ear? terry will demonstrate this on bill during the break. >> stay away. sleep train's inventory clearance sale is ending soon. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. even get free delivery! sleep train stacks the savings high to keep the prices low. but hurry, the inventory clearance sale is ending soon. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ crunched nationwide 1234* that m
of your movies you made in mexico in the 1980s. >> they are not allowed to cross the borders. >> in all of damon's movies he is playing the whistle-blower, but in reality he is getting blown -- by the whistle. what a lying hipocritical joke. >> it is a fun switcheroo. now here is a movie i am ticked off about. >> and you will probably not go cut anybody's head off. >> they are warmongers. they want us to go to war with the middle east over oil. >> tied that up well. >> yes. i think i can link that. who knows? >>> coming up, can you kill a man with your ear? terry will demonstrate this on bill during the break. >> stay away. >>> are lunches getting crunched nationwide 1234* that means all over the country. thanks to federal guidelines stemming from the michelle obama let's move campaign, and students say that is making them slugish. i love when they are slugish. kids at a new jersey high school were planning a lunch strike to protest their meager meals. said one youth who gets it, quote, if somebody is obese, why should someone like me who is not obese not suffer and eat a small meal whe
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)